Our Team

It takes special people to work at Blue Line.  Our team lives and works right in the community.   Jeff Sagraves, the owner and founder of Blue Line, is a graduate of NC State University with over 25 years in management consulting.   Each of our team members resides in North or South Carolina - you will never talk to a help desk overseas.  

Our team of over 30 members is led by some of the top minds in the industry.  Highlighting a few of our experts:
VP of Cybersecurity - Blue Line's cybersecurity practice is led by a technology thought leader, who is currently pursuing his doctorate in cybersecurity applications, and has been with Blue Line for over 10 years.
Director of Apple Experience - Gill has over 30 years working with Apple products and has been with Blue Line for over 10 years.
Director of Microsoft is a former Microsoft employee and has worked with Blue Line for over 10 years.

Notice a theme?  We find good people and hang on to them.

Our Mission

Computer Wranglers strongly believes in honest, cost effective solutions built with reliability in mind. Our number one focus is to help our customers with all of their technology needs. We want to be your technology partner. We are always first and foremost here to help. I like to say we work on anything with wires and this really isn't too far from the truth. From laptops and servers to voice and data cabling and most everything else in between, we can help.


By partnering with industry leading vendors to provide hardware and software, we are able to create a solution tailor made for your technology needs. We think about the long term when dealing with hardware. We don't build solutions only looking at today, but try to build in reliability, performance and capacity to meet your technology needs now and into the future.

What Drives Us

Our staff all want you to have the best technology experience possible. We really enjoy helping our clients and nothing motivates us more than a client with a technology need. We work hard every day to help our clients navigate the ever changing technology landscape. From security threats to general hardware procurement, configuration and deployment, we are here to help.
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